Aion 4.0 Korean PTS information.


Aion 4.0 has officially begun testing in Aion Korea’s Public Testing Server also known as PTS.

This update brings many big changes and will create a great shift in PvP gameplay!


Firstly we have the new Katlam Region which is devided into Northern and Southern Katalam

The Katalam region comes with a raised level cap of   65.

Northern Katalam :

Southern Katalam :

With the addition of Katalam there are new fortresses that have been added as well as “bases or camps”.

These forts will be open during different times of different days of the week, similar to the Abyss forts.

In addition to this. Camps/Bases were added in certain areas, such as N and S Katalam as well as Morheim, Beluslan, Heiron and Eltnen.

These camps are similar to artifacts but they are more well defended , we currently do not know if they can be captured at any time like an artifact, and whether or not they provide any kind of boost similar to that of artifacts.

Along with the new area new quests were added as well as new daily PvP quests for the new medal type (more on that in a bit)

Aion’s UI has gotten a major facelift!

Starting with the Login Screen , in game Ui and character selection!

Pictured above is the new faction selection.

Along with the UI changes, The character creation process has undergone many changes whilst still retaining all of its previous features.

There are now many more presets and different category ones by the theme you want your character to go by (Cute,Sexy,Innocent,Etc)

Instead of explaining each detail I’ve found three videos that present it in a much better way than I can hope to explain .. also Videos > wall of text.

Elyos :

Asmo :

Also there is now a skills preview within the character creation!

As you noticed there are many new features , my favorites among them would be the skill preview, wing preview and outfit previews.

The In game UI has also undergone a nice change to reflect a more windows 7 esque look.

Old UI

New UI

The “Options” menu has also been cleaned up.

You can now Also choose the name of one title. For Example “Adept of Aion” and use the stats of another such as “Fenris’s Fang”

And here’s a feature I’ve been dying to have!

What is this you ask? Why it’s your own personal chat channel that you can use to talk to all of your friends or other people authorized to join that channel. Essentially a party chat for people who aren’t in the same party/legion/etc.

The transparent map now shows you the terrain so you know how to better plan your route and don’t end up running for 5 minutes only to discover the crossroads you thought was there is actually a 100 meter tall cliffside!

Also for any legion level 3 or higher with 10 or more members online will receive a 10% EXP bonus. that is to say if there are more then 10 members online they will all receive 10% more EXP whilst crafting/hunting/etc.

Now then onto more interesting stuff, GEAR!

A new dragon lord will be faced in Aion 4.0 – Berita (I like to call her Burrito!)

Somewhere in the instance to face her this amazing gear will drop!

Unlike the fiery tiamat, Berita is cold and dark and so the gear reflects that with it’s palette and design.

Personally I love the Chain and Bard designs for this outfit!

Also if you’re wondering why it shows 5 sets, the reason is that Bard and Gunner whilst they wear cloth and leather respectively have different appearances for certain sets.

Next comes the new level 65 AP gear! This will be the strongest PvP gear released to date!

From what I’ve read and seen this is the Elyos version, with the Asmodian version being red/black instead of blue/black.

The best versions of this gear are rank restricted , the most expensive version totaling  8.2 Million AP for the armor alone (Not including weapon! or Accessories! )

The weapons (Pictured Below) cost 3.7 million AP!

Along with the Berita set there is also the new Hyperion (Name Unconfirmed) set that is supposedly from the new hardest instance!

and lastly for now there is the new Balic PvPvE! armor for level 65 and according to K-Aion it will be both a PvP and PvE armor meant for Seiges! , This armor will undoubtedly be expensive to craft and nerve wracking to make, but if the hype is true this might be one of the best ways to gear up a new toon with tradeable (bound apon equip) PvP Gear!

Now there is the subject of the new class, I’m still awaiting skill translations but from what I’ve read (Google translate works wonders!)

they seem to be a very dynamic class with long range CC’s in the form of explosives as well as two different weapon types , Dual Pistols for low damaged fast shots (Ideal for kiting) and an Arm Cannon (Think Megaman) for hard hitting nuke like attacks that are much slower.  the Cannon obviously being the cheaper to perfect as you only need to combine it with a PvE one as opposed to enchanting two separate pistols.   From the skill descriptions they have a root skill , sleep skill , silence skill and seem to be very similar to the Ranger class if not making them obsolete.

On the subject of rangers , they will no longer need arrows , instead they will have an equipable arrow that is infinite.

Lastly there are some skill changes as well as new skills with the new level cap but I’ll wait for a proper translation before posting them!

Credit where credit is due to the Aion Forums – , DaevasReport – and DaevasGuide –

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